You want a unique weed, 420, cannabis, marijuana themed shirt? Only the Best C4 5280

About C4

Our team

We're just a small group of Coloradans. 

Attempting to Address the most unique movement driving people in America.

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The reason for C4, Our style

 We wanted to offer the Official 420 and Colorado clothing line for the First City and State to legalize the use of cannabis.

 The most Original, Unique Clothing custom created for Denver and all of Colorado and any celebrating the most Historic 420 City and State.

We are your official marijuana pattern shirt, 420, weed & cannabis themed clothing line.

The C4 5280 Mile High Commando Tactical Artwear


Why is this Creation so special?! It IS COLORADO! The concept involves ALL State colors, Denver, Colorado, The 1st City! The 1st State! These are Colorado 420 Artwear! (back design pictured)


 YOU are a Unique Individual, DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE!


It is the most modern method of printing that covers almost every bit of surface material - front and back, top to bottom.

It is the same concept used for vehicle wrap prints, a unique and wise choice.

There will be some minor errors in the print (underarms, folds, etc.), it is normal with this process, minimal and with white as part of the design, difficult to tell. 

3 Leaf Patterns

  1. Laser Sharp Leaves - the first design was the sharp all over, something was needed.
  2. Jagged Edge Leaves - the obvious "Classic" looking leaf, still not good enough.
  3. Blurred Lines Leaves- the Artwear went through several modifications, this pattern was limited in use but added one more detail, still too much white.
  4. Multi-Micro Sized Leaves (Bonus!!!) These Really mess with people! The addition of the micro-leaves completed the Artwear.

 The combinations of all the different leaf patterns, colors and especially when the micro size leaf patterns are noticed, make this Artwear mesmerizing.



How is this designed specifically for Colorado, Denver-Metro area?


  1. Three unique cannabis leaf patterns
  2. All Colorado State colors
  3. Ten different size leaf patterns
  4. ALL OVER SUBLIMATION PRINTING Polyester is used for this process, it is light and comfortable and there is no shrinking or color loss.
  5. The C4 COLORADO CAMOUFLAGE Clothing Company LOGO
  6. Private label clothing, not the generic underwear other sellers offer.
  7. Denver, Co. reference - The Mile High City elev. 5280 ft.
  8. Colorado, Denver - Home State, Hometown Pride
  9. FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states!