You want a unique weed, 420, cannabis, marijuana themed shirt? Only the Best C4 5280

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C4 - Colorado Camouflage Clothing Company


1) Are there REALLY only 150 of the first design release C4 5280 Artwear shirts?!

Yes, we wanted to launch with a very unusual entry, be very clear about who we are & what we offer. This first item IS limited to a Grand total of 150 ever available of the Original C4 5280.

2) Will there be other items? 

Yes, we will be following up with other items as we contiue developing.

3) What's up with this contest?! Is there a giveaway?!

Yes, ALL those signing up for the e-mail list will be entered to Win One of 150 C4 5280 Artwear shirts!  

The contest is running, if you signed up previously you are still entered but encouraged to re-submit.

A Winner will be named & the C4 5280 will be delivered in time to celebrate April 20th, 2018 aka 4/20

Terms and Conditions

C4 - Does not sell, trade or exchange, give away or use for any other purpose besides the processing of your Artwear Investment and the creation of our Elite e-mail list of Unique individuals like yourself. That is what information collected on this website is used for.

FREE shipping only applies to the lower 48 United States

Thank You.

C4 Colorado Camouflage Clothing Company-colocamo.